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  • Alligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study

  • Engaging S.T.E.M. Field Trip

  • Lessons surrounding pressure, friction, resistance, momentum, and states of matter (solids/liquids)

  • Worksheet provided, including an Elementary School version and a Middle/High School version


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Birthday Party Info


Group Skate & Swim
  • Looking for something fun to do with a large group? If you have 20 or more people, we offer a group discount on swimming and skating. The cost to ice skate during a public skate session is only $7.00 per person with skate rental included if needed. To swim, the cost is $5.00 per person. We request that you reach out to us in advance to schedule your group discount. Availability may be limited. To schedule your group skate outing, contact Kevin Kamenski at For your group swim outing, contact Andrew Stock at You may also call us at 919-644-0339 (Ext. 239 for skate and Ext. 224 for swim).
  • Are you interested in trying a unique team sport that is both exciting and competitive....on ice? Broomball is becoming more and more popular amongst church groups, fraternities, sororities, university clubs, businesses, and more! We have also hosted Broomball Birthday parties, business meetings. No matter what the occasion, broomball brings people together with laughter, teamwork, and friendly competition.
  • The object of the game is simple - score more goals than the opposing team. Players, in running shoes, usesa stick with a rubber broom-shaped head to pass and shoot a ball up and down the ice. The rink is set up identically to a hockey game with nets at each end without rules such as off-sides and icing. The object of the game is to pass the ball around to set up the best possible shot on goal. Play with goalies or without. And while you can use your feet to move the ball, you cannot use your hands at all and you cannot kick the ball into the goal. Friday and Saturday evening are most commonly available.
Private Parties
  • Want your own space for your group outing or birthday party? Make your party private by renting! Choose between the ice rink, pool, courts, and turf. Please contact with your preferred date(s) and activity to check schedule availability.
  • We also do private ice rentals for Broomball! We can set this up as part of a party package or just as a fun and active group outing. Contact to set this up today!


Does your school, group, or organization want to raise money while having fun? Check out all of our fundraising options below!

Ticket Sales

  • Purchase skate or swim tickets at the group rate from the SportsPlex and sell them at your own price.
  • The SportsPlex prints the tickets, with an expiration date several months off of the sale date.
  • Ex: You buy 75 skate tickets for $5.00 each, you sell each ticket for $10.00, profit goes straight to you.

10% to You

  • Host a swim or skate session for your group.
  • Advertise the event, pass out flyers and receive 10% of the proceeds from that activity session.
  • You create the flyers and get profit back on each one turned in.
  • Ex: Adult skate is $10.00 with skate rental – with the flyer, $1.00 goes back to you.

Pack the Plex

  • Great for groups of 200 or more.
  • Sponsor a public skate session and receive all of the gate profits, after cost of the session.
  • The SportsPlex will not charge more than $900 for the three hour session, no matter how large the group is.
  • Hold raffles, contests, and advertise your group during the session.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not raise more than the $900, the SportsPlex will donate 15% of the gate receipts to your group.
  • Available on weekend public sessions March 1st -October 31st, excluding holidays or SportsPlex events
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