Susan Clayton


It is with great regret that I need to announce that Susan Clayton will  be leaving the Sportsplex effective April 15 2016 to join her husband, Rod,  as both  pursue exciting  new career challenges in Wilmington, NC. Susan will assume the leadership in developing and planning a new Fitness and Family Activity Center for the Cape Fear Country Club.

Susan is the only Fitness Director that the Sportsplex has ever known over its almost 21 years.  She has  been a key part of the incredible growth and diversification of the facility. As well she has been central  to the Recreation Factory Partners management team and we regard her not only as a valued team member but also as a great business colleague and friend. While will all sorely miss her, we are gratified that she has found excellent new career and life challenges and wish her and her family only the best.
John Stock
CEO, Recreation Factory Partners Inc.
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