Goodbye note from Susan


A couple of years ago, there was a popular song by Boyz II men called “It’s so hard to say good bye.”  I always liked that song, but I find myself  discovering new meaning in the song as I sit in my office looking at bare walls and packed boxes.  How do I say goodbye to a place that has been my second home for 19 years?   How do I say good bye to members who have become friends and staff that has become family?

The song goes on to say  something about taking memories with you and that is the solace I find as I embark on a new journey as Health and Wellness Director for Cape Fear Country Club in Wilmington.  I have so many wonderful memories- the many, many expansions of the fitness center, staff and members dressing up for Halloween and the incredible generosity of members around the Holidays.  All three of my sons spent time in Kids Corner and got their first jobs here as skate guards and life guards. 
The SportsPlex is not only a unique facility because of the combination pool/fitness center/ice rink.  It is unique because of the blend of families, athletes and staff that also consider this their second home.  I am often amazed at the pride and ownership of members and staff.  A piece of my heart will always remain here.
If you walk in my office now, you will see Terrence Warren sitting at my desk.  (Well, he will probably have to get a new desk.  He definitely is too tall for my desk….)  I know you will make him feel welcome as the Fitness and Program Development Director.  Stop by and introduce yourself and help him get his “sea legs” during this transition time.   I will definitely be back for the grand opening of the field house!  In the meantime, if you are in Wilmington, give me a call.  I would love to catch up with you.
It truly is “so hard to say good bye” so we will just say “Till we meet again!”
God Bless,
Susan Clayton,  (former) Wellness Director
Orange County SportsPlex
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