3 Great Pools - 1 Great Location!

At the Orange County SportsPlex, our Aquatic Center is designed with you in mind – whether you are a recreational swimmer, competitive swimmer or if you just like to bring your family for some fun in the water. We have 3 distinct pools to meet your needs.

**We are pleased to announce that as of May, 2014, we have installed a state of the art Ultraviolet (UV) filtration system on each of our pools.  Click here for more information. **
The sand filters for all of our pools were replaced this past March 2016. To keep these brand new filters operating at their highest level, PLEASE DO NOT WEAR COTTON CLOTHING WHILE SWIMMING.

Competition Pool: Our Competition Pool is a six foot deep lap swimming pool. Lanes are either 25 meters or 25 yards, depending on upcoming swim events. We maintain the water temperature in this pool between 79 – 80 degrees which is optimum for lap swimming and training. Lanes may occasionally be limited for Water Aerobics and Swim Team practices and meets.

Recreation Pool: The Recreation Pool offers handicap ramp access into the comfortable 3 to 4 foot deep pool. This pool is used for both classes and simple recreational swimming. It boasts three 25 meter lanes that can be roped off for swimming. We maintain the water temperature for this pool between 84 -86 degrees which is perfect for fun.

Baby Pool: Baby Pool is just 1-foot deep and gated for security. Parents are invited to bring appropriate toys and spend the day! You may bring your own life jackets, or use those provided in the pool area. This pool is kept nice and warm at 87 - 89 degrees.

Summer Swim Lesson Registration
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Masters Swim Team  NOW ONLY $25/MONTH FOR MEMBERS!
To Register online, look for Masters Swim under "MEMBERSHIPS"
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Hillsborough Aquatic Club Swim Team
Click here to REGISTER ONLINE and sign up for the Hillsborough Hammerheads Summer Swim Team. Look for "HSP Hammerheads" on the TEAM UNIFY page - the official HAC Swim Team website.   

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You will also need to pay for your swim team fees at the Sportsplex front desk. You can set up your online Sportsplex profile for you and your child in advance if you are a new Sportsplex customer and haven't done so already.

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Private Swim Lessons

Weekday Private Swim Lessons with Julie Brandt

Water Safety Information
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